Game Information


Airsoft games are by invitation only and are played most Sunday afternoons. Call or e-mail if you're interested in joining us.

We typically play team elimination, single or double capture-the-flag, sniper hunter, zombie, and we're working on putting together some MilSim scenario games in the near future.

Age limit is 14 or 9th grade with a parent or guardian's signature, 18 otherwise.

Game Rules


Airsoft is similar to paintball, but requires more honesty from the player, since there is no paint mark to judge a hit. If you feel the hit or see it bounce off of you, your gun, or your gear, you must call a hit. If you see the hit bounce off of your opponent, you may call them out, but only if you see the actual impact.

Weapon restrictions are based on muzzle energy and minimum engagement distances. Contact us and we'll work out minimum engagement distance rules for your weapon!
All ammunition used must be biodegradable. We recommend and sell KSC Perfect BBs.

All other rules are available by calling or e-mailing us.

Contact Information


Phone: (704) 576-4631

Directions and maps are available if you contact us.


This Sunday's Game is:
ON for 2:30 p.m.
Games are subject to cancellation without
notice, call before you come to be sure.
The Waxhaw Airsoft team participated in Operation Midas Touch on January 19. Click here to see a team photo from the op!

The Waxhaw Airsoft team, in cooperation with Airsoft Armory USA, won Most Valuable Squad for NATO during Operation Fulda Gap at Command Decisions Wargames Center, November 16-18!

Click here to view pictures from the game!